Wavelet Management Suite - Overview

Wavelet Management Suite (Wavelet MS)  

Wavelet MS is a cloud based, Grade A GST certified financial application that supports all back-office and business processes across the entire company

Wavelet MS includes financial accounting, financial management, supply chain, inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfilment, employee management, customer loyalty program, point of sales, warranty, logistics, business intelligence, e- commerce and more. Thus enabling your Company to increase efficiency, save time and also allow you to manage all your resources under one application even while on the go.   

What is EMP ?

Wavelet Enterprise Management Portal (EMP) is the core component of the Wavelet MS. It is web-based ERP built on J2EE framework that caters for the needs of franchises and chain-stores.

It includes modules like CRM, Point of Sales, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, System Administration, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain, Distribution & Logistic, Trading amongst others. We also offer a range of Manager and Stock Reports to better manage your company needs.

The image above is the login page to access your Wavelet EMP

The image above is the snapshot of the dashboard in the EMP once logged in. This dashboard can be configured with information based on your Company needs.

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